Specializing in 2 stroke performance services, such as nikasil plated cylinder coatings, Ontario Crank Service also offers many other performance services like porting, cylinder sleeving, cylinder repair, cylinder plating, crankshaft and engine rebuilding for all ATV, watercraft, motorcycle, outboards, and snowmobile engines.

2 Stroke Cylinder Repair

We repair cylinders for Motorcycles Dirt Bikes, Street Bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and outboards. When it come to 2 stroke cylinder repair & plating Ontario Crank Service is a name that you can trust.

Nikasil and Chrome Plated Cylinder Repair

Damage to plated cylinders from piston seizure, ring breakage, bearing explosions, detonation, broken bridges, smashed ports and cracked O-ring grooves are repaired by striping, welding, boring, honing and re-plating.

2 Stroke Cylinder Boring and Sleeving

Cast iron cylinders that are still within limits are repaired by boring & honing the cylinder and fitting it with a oversized piston. Cylinders repair that are out of spec are overbore, fitted with a cast iron sleeve and machined for port match and honed for final fit to the new piston and ring assembly. Ontario Crank Services also offers custom steel and aluminum cylinder sleeves for vintage or big bore cylinder applications.

Snowmobile, ATV, PWC & Motorcycle Machine Services

  • Cylinder
  • Port Chamfering Per cylinder
  • Hone (Deglaze only)
  • Glass
  • Beading Cylinder and crankcase
  • Cylinder Sleeve
  • Rotax Rotary Valve Brass Wear Plate
  • Crank Case Line Boring
  • Prop and Drive Shaft Straighten
  • Crankshaft Rebuilding

Outboard Machine Services

  • Cylinder Boring
  • Port Chamfering
  • Hone (Deglaze only)
  • Cylinder Sleeve
  • Blind Hole Cylinder Boring

Our goal at OCS marine service is to provide you with complete service for your boat, PWC, ATV and snowmobile, with our trained and insured staff.